Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Solo Art Show at INDYINK

INDYINK in Denver is graciously hosting my best art show to date.  The paintings here are some of my best, I'm excited to present them for your viewing.  Please stop by for the reception on Friday June 3 at 7pm till close. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

dead wed

dead wed, originally uploaded by Jesse Peper.

looks like jesse was inspired by the upcoming holiday! nifty!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paintings for Auction at Tony Buckner Benefit

Jesse has donated 3 paintings up for auction to benefit his friend Tony Buckner who was in a pretty bad car accident in July. The paintings will be auctioned off today at the "Cliff Divers Survival Guide: A Benefit for Tony Buckner" at the Pub on Penn. Please see the following benefit webpage and on there there is a listing of events via facebook.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

collaborative work with the elseproduct label

be part of the collaborative work of jesse and the elseproduct label. please check out this kickstarter link and video. music and art from jesse featured in these releases!

"About this project:

elseproduct was established over 10 years ago and is recently undertaking its biggest project yet. With minimal funding, three unique projects will come to life. With your help, we will be releasing a two disc compilation called "Of Spectres and Saints," as well as the new Esperik Glare album "Disruptions," and new Surface Hoar album. Each album will feature original artwork by artist Jesse Peper.

The music and artwork on "Of Spectres and Saints" will explore personal interpretations of what lies beyond the gates of death. This collection will feature two tracks by each artist involved, including: Black Sun Productions (previous work with Coil), Esperik Glare, Surface Hoar, 3z13, Behavior, Icedagaz (Jesse Peper's musical project), and Adam Stalker (Mort Douce). All music is previously unreleased. This double disc, digipak project will include an extensive full color booklet of the "Shadow Portraits" series by Jesse Peper ( We are hoping for an All Saints Day release date for this project.

Jesse's artwork will also appear on the new Esperik Glare and Surface Hoar releases. These two discs will be released at the beginning of November as well. To listen to previous tracks by each of these artists visit their MySpace music pages.

elseproduct is not looking to make a profit, it is looking to release music that may otherwise be lost. Your donations will go towards the production and packaging of three spectacular releases; the design and printing of full color, beautifully created booklets of artwork for "Of Spectres and Saints;" as well as promotional materials and more, for all three releases. All mastering fees and artwork expenses have already been covered by elseproduct.

After years of releasing several projects we know how to keep costs low and produce high quality items. We guarantee that the end product will be a professional looking, intriguing, collaboration of art and music...a feast for your eyes and ears. We look forward to sharing this endeavor with you and passing along some very limited goodies to show our appreciation! "

upcoming releases from beta-lactam ring records with jesse's art..

the fine folks at beta-lactam ring records have the following upcoming releases with jesse's artwork featured on the cover... the musicians include edward ka-spel, the silverman, the legendary pink dots, and many more featured on the 'music for personality disorder' compilation. check them out!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

In The Grain...

New work done in July 2010 with a wood grain motif...

New Blog!

Alright, the old webpage has gotten dated so we're going to attempt documenting my art with this blog... Enjoy!